Superyacht Tenders

Superyacht Tenders

Do you require a convenient form of boating back and forth to your superyacht? Have you heard of Compass Tenders? If not, allow us to introduce you to our state-of-the-art superyacht tenders. Through our years’ of experience, our company has made all the right connections to ensure that you receive the finest tender around.


When it comes owning a superyacht, it’s worth bearing in mind that this represents a substantial investment that can cost a fortune to repair. Due to the sheer size of these vessels, it can often be impractical for them to enter shallow waters without risking damage to the hull. At Compass Tenders, we have engineered the perfect solution in the form of our tenders for superyachts. Our company will not only design your new tender but build and deliver it directly to you.


To find out more about our fantastic range of superyacht tenders, get in contact with Compass Tenders today on +44 (0) 2380 457844. Alternatively, email our tenders superyacht team at


A tender refers to a small craft that attaches to a much larger boat. These serve as support and supply crafts and can be designed to fulfil a wide variety of purposes from ferrying passengers and supplies to recreational activities such as water-skiing. For superyachts, tenders offer increased versatility as they permit you to reach areas that your yacht cannot. Plus, as they are smaller, they are more cost-effective to run making them better suited to covering shorter distances.


From filling a practical role to serving as status symbols, superyachts can come in all shapes and sizes. At Compass Tenders, our in-house design team are committed to making your dreams a reality. Working closely with the team at Allseas, as well as other well-known design agencies we can take your ideas for tenders for superyachts from concept to completion.

We start by discussing with you exactly what it is you are looking for from your superyacht tender. By using cutting-edge 3D software, we will create bespoke designs that can be used to generate photo-realistic visuals. We use these visuals to give our customers an accurate insight into what their finished superyacht tenders will look like. Every tender is custom-built, and we can tailor each aspect to your exacting specifications.

Once you are completely satisfied with the design, Compass Tenders will proceed with the build phase. We create the best tenders superyacht customers have seen because we work closely with the builders from start to finish. Our attention to detail is unrivalled, so you can expect a tender for your superyacht that will meet your high standards. Upon completion of the build phase, we will be happy to provide a range of finishes to give your new tender a look of prestige.

All completed tenders for superyachts will be delivered on-time to the location of specified by the customer. We take great care to make certain that your tender arrives in pristine condition, should any issues occur we will make it our mission to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. At Compass Tenders, we can supply the following tenders for your superyacht:


At Compass Tenders, we know just what is needed to create incredible tenders for superyacht customers, right across the UK. In 2004, Richard Faulkner had an idea to create a company built on a single principle; providing exceptional tenders at prices that are highly competitive. With more than 30 years’ of experience repairing yachts and tenders, Richard has been the central driving force behind our success.

Over the years, our team has had the privilege of working alongside many highly regarded designers, build managers, and captains. Through our market-leading design, build quality, and finishes we have delivered some of the finest tenders superyacht customers have experienced. Our friendly, highly trained team use tried and tested techniques to incorporate a wide selection of customisable options; whatever you desire, we aim to make it happen.

Plus, for stylists and designers looking to collaborate and develop their own ideas, Compass Tenders can help. As two-time winners of the ShowBoats Design Award, our workmanship speaks for itself.


Design Awards Winner

One of our proudest achievements is winning the Show Boats Design Award on two separate occasions, which speaks to the design and build quality of our vessels. Our team members are immensely proud to be recognised as one of the leading tender builders in the world and we continue to prove this. Discuss your requirements with us by reaching out via one of the contact methods!