Work Boat Tenders Bournemouth

Work Boat Tenders Bournemouth

Are you looking for an established company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of custom work boat tenders? Bournemouth clients should look no further than Compass Tenders. We boast a dedicated team of professionals that have worked with renowned designers, captains, and build managers to construct high quality tenders. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call on 023 8045 7844. 


We have become the go-to company for many superyacht owners requesting custom tenders for their vessels. Our professionals have worked on multiple projects for an array of clients within various sectors of the marine industry. Among our specialities is the design and custom manufacture of work boat tenders. In Bournemouth, clients can approach us with their ideas and we will provide a full custom or semi-custom service. 

There is no single definition of a work boat, but the general consensus is that it is used by seafarers to complete some form of job. That may include transporting freight, commercial fishing, or other marine tasks. Ultimately, the vessel is designed with features that supports the work being carried out. Here at Compass Tenders, we are experienced in building work boat tenders. Bournemouth clients will struggle to find a company that betters our services. 

Over the years, we have developed a range of bespoke tenders, 45 of which operate around the world. Every element, from platform design and hull form to length and profile, is carried out meticulously to meet the needs of our clients. For those requesting Bournemouth work boat tenders, we will arrange a suitable time to discuss your preferences and requirements. 

All of our work boat tenders in Bournemouth will be built incorporating specific features suitable for the vessels purpose. Our overriding aim is to meet the specifications set out by our clients, and if you have an interior style that you want us to implement, then let us know. 



To arrange a meeting to discuss work boat tenders, Bournemouth clients should give us a call on 023 8045 7844. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form.


The beginning of Compass Tenders dates back to more than 30 years ago, and in its infancy, it was a small yacht building and repairs company. Based on the River Hamble in the UK, our business grew from a small facility to a base that spans more than 25,000 square feet of land. We have become the go-to company for clients looking for work boat tenders in Bournemouth, and we have a dedicated workforce of more than 90. 

Richard Faulkner is the CEO and founder of Compass Tenders, and he regularly connects with world renowned designers and captains to build high quality tenders. There is no better company for clients to turn to as we provide unparalleled design services, and we guarantee a quality finish on your work boat tenders, Bournemouth clients. 

As well as producing first-class work boat tenders, Bournemouth clients should know that we are also an award-winning company. Our hardworking team have earned the ShowBoats Design Award twice, making us one of the leading tender builders across the globe. 


Among the list of work boats that we have worked on was the TT Luna, a 6.4m long vessel built for a 115m Loydwerft/Stahlbau North Shipyards explorer motor yacht. The purpose of the boat is to transport ships stores to and from the yacht with ease. It was designed by Allies Design Ltd and incorporated a high load capacity. It is one of many work boat tenders Bournemouth clients can use as a guide. Among the features are the following: 

  • Fold Down Bow Door 
  • Ability to Adapt to a Dive/Beach Boat 
  • Suitable for Transporting Wheelchair Users 
  • Top Speed of 36 Knots 

As mentioned, the main purpose of Bournemouth work boat tenders is to complete a certain job. These are not simply used for recreational reasons, so it is essential that the vessel contains all the elements needed for the professionals using it.