Design And Build Luxury Tenders

Design And Build Luxury Tenders

Do you own a magnificent boat? Then why don’t you get a luxury tenders boat to aid in your transportation on and off your yacht or boat liner. Choose Compass Tenders, and you’ll receive the most expert team to design and build luxury tenders, and we will fabricate a tender that is both practical and stunning.


A ship’s tender is a type of boat that supports a larger sea-vessel, such as a cruise ship or a yacht. A tender boat is used to pick up people, supplies and entertainment from the land, and transport them onto the larger boat. Then, once all boat activities have finished, the tender will return all of your guests to the mainland.

The main advantage of having a boat tender as reinforcement for your luxury yacht is so your vessel can stay out in the sea, and you don’t risk damaging your huge yacht by bringing it in and out of the dock.

There are many different types of boat tenders, and at Compass Tenders, we specialise in the design and fabrication of luxury tenders. Our team of specialist naval architects and fabricators have performed many high-quality design and build projects, to create stunning luxury tenders for boat owners. At Compass Tenders, we are skilled in the following different types of tenders:

  • Limousine tenders
  • Open tenders
  • DRIB
  • Sports ribs
  • Workboats


Hire Compass Tenders for whenever you need a professional and expert design and build luxury tenders service. Let our team create your dream boat that combines practicality and your own personal style. Call us today on 02380 457844 and we can begin the process of the design and build of your luxury tender together.


Over the last couple of decades, the demand for luxury tenders and boats has dramatically increased. The most popular luxury tenders that we create at Compass Tenders are our limousine tenders. The professional design and build team are experts in creating stunning bespoke tenders that you will fall in love with.

We have so many options available that we can include in the build of your luxury tender; no idea is ever too extravagant. Clients always choose to come to Compass Tenders, as we have installed many different design ideas, and we always execute this work to the highest standard. In the past, the design and build team at Compass Tenders have installed the following into your luxury tenders:

  • Elaborate entertainment systems
  • On-board security cameras
  • On-board chart plotters and navigational data
  • Sunroofs
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Refrigeration and other food storage systems
  • Touch screen dashboards


When you hire Compass Tenders to complete the design and build of luxury tenders, you are hiring the best company in the business. Our design workers have been specifically employed to work for Compass Tenders as we believe they are the best luxury tenders creators in the UK. Every member of our team has a dedicated background in the marine and naval industry, and our company has twice been the winner of the prestigious Show Boats Design Award.

Since our company launched in 2004, we have worked with many of the most respected designers, captains and build managers around the world. At Compass Tenders, we use the most advanced and leading technology, tools and equipment when performing the design and build of your luxury tenders.