Luxury Superyacht Tenders Bournemouth

Luxury Superyacht Tenders Bournemouth

If you’re a superyacht owner and looking to purchase a brand-new tender, designed to fit the mothership like a glove, look no further than Compass Tenders. We’re the premier designer and builder of luxury superyacht tenders. Bournemouth customers looking for a tender will find we build options to suit any requirement, from transporting cargo and passengers to ones built for water sports. To speak to our team, call us now on 02380 457844.


There’s no doubt that a superyacht is a significant investment. These boats are cumbersome too, lacking manoeuvrability and, in most cases, the means to get in close to shorelines and even some smaller jetties. This is where a tender comes in – a tender is a small boat that attaches to the mothership. These luxury superyacht tenders, Bournemouth customers, allow passengers to embark and disembark, for transporting supplies and luggage, engaging in water sports, and much more.

All the while, the mothership can sit close by, protected from anything which might cause it damage. For instance, if you take a superyacht into shallower waters, the hull could be damaged, and the boat could end up beached. Boat owners in Bournemouth, luxury superyacht tenders serve as the workhorse. They are also usually cheaper to run, so you spend far less on fuel costs.



Are now convinced that we’re the right choice for all-new luxury superyacht tenders? Bournemouth customers should waste no time calling Compass Tenders today on 02380 457844. You can also email us at or fill in our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.


At Compass Tenders, we boast an in-house design led by Ed Wingate – the man in charge since 2014. Ed possesses a background in naval architecture and has remained a prominent figure, instrumental in the construction of many of our luxury tenders. Every process starts with a consultation, and you’ll speak to Ed directly as well as members of our talented design team. And if you’re a designer with an interesting concept, we’d like to hear from you. We’re committed to building the finest luxury superyacht tenders in Bournemouth.

As we work with you, our team will use your insights and feedback to create 3D CAD representations. These can be further modified on-the-fly as you provide us with further feedback, and we incorporate refinements to the design. Eventually, these representations can be converted into photorealistic visuals. Once the customer is happy with the design we’ve presented, we get to work building our luxury superyacht tenders, Bournemouth customers.


Within our design hub, we have a team of skilled, proven specialists, including:

  • Artistic Renderers
  • Glazing Specialists
  • Moving Parts Experts
  • Custom Metal Work Specialists
  • Electronics Specialists

Together with our team of professional builders, they’ll bring your vision to life. We’re committed to providing Bournemouth luxury superyacht tenders of the highest quality and enjoy many long-standing collaborations. For instance, we work with world-leading design offices and have been partnered with AllSeas Design for many years now.

When it comes to designing and building luxury superyacht tenders, Bournemouth boat owners, our capabilities are unmatched. Regardless of the scope of your requirements, you can rest assured that your new tender will exceed your expectations.


Some 30 years ago, Compass Tenders was founded and under the guidance of our CEO, Richard Faulkner, our company has continued to go from strength to strength. Our reputation has grown, and we are widely recognised as the go-to option for luxury superyacht tenders. Bournemouth boat owners who’ve worked with us in the past wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our services to friends and family, a true testament to our capabilities.

Our facility spans more than 25,000 square feet and supports a workforce of over 90 specialists. We can take on projects of all shapes and sizes, drawing on our extensive expertise to bring even the most challenging project to completion. Our reputation for delivering high-quality service has seen us recognised in the past. For instance, we were two-time winners at the ShowBoats Design Awards.

We’re confident that we’re the company you need to call to design and build luxury superyacht tenders in Bournemouth. To get started, get in touch using the details below.