Tenders in the UK

Tenders in the UK

Do you need a bespoke tender for your super yacht? At Compass Tenders, we build the best luxury tenders in the UK. Whether you require a limousine tender, an open tender, or other style, Compass Tenders will meet your needs. You won’t find better quality elsewhere with our tailored designs and exquisite craftsmanship.


Tenders in the UK can serve a number of purposes, such as guiding the mother yacht into the docks, or as an entertainment space for passengers. However you intend to use your tender, make sure it is built to your exact requirements with Compass Tenders. Our tenders UK company specialise in producing high-quality tenders that are unique to the customer’s specifications.


To find out more about the best tenders in the UK, call Compass Tenders on 02380 457844, or email us at info@compasstenders.com.


Are you drawn to the sporty look in your yacht tenders? You will be blown away at our open tenders UK designs. Their open-plan layout boasts plenty of space for your guests for a relaxed and comfortable sail, and the optional twin jets can help make the crew’s job smooth and stress-free. We can also fit your UK tenders with a hydraulic bow door to make beach drop offs quick and easy.


At Compass Tenders UK, we believe that tenders can be so much more than just a necessary accessory for your super yacht. Why not invest in a bespoke tender that will also turn heads as it is spotted on the water? With the stunning designs, wood finishes, and colour schemes we have available, our limousine tenders can be personalised to suit your taste. These tenders in the UK are ideal for larger super yachts and provide a tranquil and private lounging space for guests.




If you want a tender that offers all the benefits of a traditional Rib, but with added features and seating space, our D-Ribs are exactly what you are looking for. Our D-Rib tenders are available in varying sizes from 8.5-10 metres and can be fitted with cockpit lighting and teak floor finishes for a more luxurious experience. We use long-lasting yet lightweight materials in when making our UK tenders for an easier and faster sail.


At Compass Tenders, we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled level of finesse in our UK tenders. We have over 30 years of experience in building and repairing marine vessels including yachts and tenders for a range of uses from towing to transporting passengers to shore. During this time, we have worked with some of the biggest designers and captains in the industry who have chosen us Tenders to help them deliver custom-made tenders for their clients.

Our design team use the latest resources and technology to compose tenders that are completely fit for purpose. Our workshop is equipped with high-tech machinery and 3D software to help us develop the most precise concept design before manufacturing the best tenders UK sailors will find. We discuss your requirements in depth prior to designing your UK tenders to ensure the result surpasses your expectations and remains within your budget.

Award winning Super yacht Tenders

The quality of our work has been recognised internationally, as we are proud two-times winners of the Show Boats Design Awards. We often collaborate with other stylists and other naval designers to create the most outstanding marine projects that stretch far beyond our clients’ imaginations. If you are looking for tenders in the UK that are practical, unique, and tailored to you, Compass Tenders are the ones to call.