Superyacht tender Bournemouth

Superyacht tender Bournemouth

Are you having difficulty choosing a Bournemouth superyacht tender service? Look no further as Compass Tenders offer the maximum standards of design, quality and appearance. We are confident that what we have to offer would satisfy anybody who is looking to find a superyacht tender Bournemouth service to suit a luxurious lifestyle.



As a company, Compass Tenders appreciate that their clients need to receive an exceptional level of customer service. Our range of tenders are built to suit all needs and requirements. By offering incomparable superyacht tender Bournemouth design, build quality and finish you will definitely be satisfied today.


We can even supply you with semi-custom superyacht tenders for a boat that is customised to your particular needs.


Contact Compass Tenders today for the best superyacht tender Bournemouth service.


As part of our Bournemouth superyacht tender service, we provide limousine tenders. These are a popular choice of tender, suiting all.


Seating up to ten guests, the TT Tango is a perfect choice of vessel. The design provides a comfortable yet classy interior. With the sunroof open the vessel can be used at an impressive speed, giving the experience of being on an open boat. With the sunroof closed you can enjoy the discretion and privacy of an enclosed vessel.


If you are planning on a slightly larger party, the TT Ocean Victory could be for you. This vessel is extremely versatile and is fantastic for worldwide cruising or daily transport requirements.


As the leading Superyacht tender in Bournemouth provider, we offer a wide range of open tenders that include sport tender, chase tender, and owners launch tenders in varied lengths of 5m to 10.5m.  The stylish open tender TT Lady Lara provides the highest standard and support to the limo tender.

Seating up to 8 guests, the Superyacht open tender has been designed for ultimate practicality with its carbon T-top roof and bow door. It is one of the finest superyacht tender Bournemouth options.



With a sleek and modern design, the DRIB is the perfect accompaniment to Superyacht in Bournemouth. Compass Tenders offer a tailored DRIB to accommodate the clients every Superyacht needs, including varied interior layouts depending on preference and usage.


Designed specifically for a high load capacity whilst maintaining a durable length of 6.4-7.4m, this Bournemouth Superyacht tender is the perfect choice for easy access as well as exceptional standard. The workboat tender boasts a top speed of 36 knots and has a fold-down-bow door for beach excursion.


With over 30 years experience, CEO Richard Faulkner and his hand picked team of experts are clearly the best choice for suerpyachnt tenders Bournemouth.  Having worked closely with the world’s top tender developers in a range of fields, Compass Tenders strive for, and achieve only the highest possible standards for our clients.


Over the years our superyacht tender Bournemouth company has been the first choice for clients such as:

  • Luna
  • Coral Island
  • Tango
  • Pestifier
  • Ocean Victory and many more

If you are interested in our superyacht tender in Bournemouth service, contact the team today for more details.

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