Custom Luxury Yacht Tenders Bournemouth

Custom Luxury Yacht Tenders Bournemouth

Have you been hoping to have a gorgeous and durable tender constructed for use on your superyacht? Then you need to get in touch with Compass Tenders; the number one contractor of custom luxury yacht tenders Bournemouth has to offer. You can find out more about our bespoke services by contacting our team today. Give us a call on 02380 457 844, or send an email to, and we’ll reply with the required information promptly.


Here at Compass Tenders, we’re delighted to offer clients the best custom luxury yacht tenders Bournemouth has available. Our experienced team are determined to provide you with a watercraft that exceeds all your expectations and leaves you wholly satisfied. Read on to learn more about our services and discover what we can do for you.

We have been crafting custom tenders for many years, and as such, built up an excellent reputation within the industry. All of our staff have a passion for their work, which shines through when constructing custom watercraft. The skill and experience of our team are what sets us apart as an exceptional company for Bournemouth custom luxury yacht tenders.


Having a tender is a convenience for many superyacht owners as it gives them more options when out at sea. In order to have such a watercraft constructed successfully, it is essential to work with a proven manufacturer with past experience. It is for this reason that many people come to us at Compass Tenders when in need of Bournemouth custom luxury yacht tenders.

Clients can either design their tender from scratch or take a look at some of the previous models we’ve produced. We have a range of customisation options available that are sure to be suitable for superyachts of all types. Once you have settled on a design, our team will get to work on crafting your tender using materials of the highest quality. This approach is why many people believe us to offer the best custom luxury yacht tenders Bournemouth has to offer.


So, if you’d like to take advantage of our custom luxury yacht tenders, Bournemouth clients shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Compass Tenders. Our team are more than happy to discuss the specifics of our services in more detail, so call us on 02380 457 844 if you have any further questions. Alternatively, send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As a versatile manufacturer of custom luxury yacht tenders in Bournemouth, our team can deliver a range of different watercraft types, including:

It is our aim to cater to as many superyacht owners as possible. This is why we have made an effort to offer a range of different tender types. Our staff can deliver the same high standard of work regardless of the kind of tender model they are producing. This flexibility makes us the best option for custom luxury yacht tenders Bournemouth clients can get.



Rather than just reading about our past work, why not take a look for yourself? The ‘our clients’ page on our website shows off some of our best work from recent times for high profile customers. These impressive images are sure to convince you that we at Compass Tenders are the best manufacturer of custom luxury yacht tenders Bournemouth has to offer.

We believe it is essential to deliver an exceptional service to every client. As such, our team are always available to go through any queries you may have regarding our services. Our staff are polite and courteous with all clients to ensure they have a pleasant experience. This fantastic customer service sets us apart as the go-to company for custom luxury yacht tenders in Bournemouth.