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Are you the proud owner of a luxury yacht? Do you need a new luxury yacht tender? If so, get in touch with Compass Tenders today for luxury yacht tenders that are custom-built to your exacting specifications. Whatever your needs, our team can help at prices that are highly competitive.

The best choice for your luxury yacht tender

When it comes enhancing the functionality of your prized asset, you cannot go wrong with our range of cutting-edge luxury yacht tender services. At Compass Tenders, we specialise in constructing and supplying tenders that will open you up to a whole world of possibilities. As well extending the functionality of your boat, our luxury yacht tenders will also enable you to engage in fun activities and excursions to places your yacht cannot reach.

What can Compass Tenders do for you?

At Compass Tenders, we’ve simplified the whole process so obtaining a luxury yacht tenders for your yacht has never been easier. Upon consulting with our specialists, we will carefully advise you on options that are appropriate to your needs. From sports enthusiasts to those looking to do a spot of fishing, we tailor each design aspect to create a luxury yacht tender that is bespoke to you.

As a company, we supply a range of luxury yacht tenders that can be adapted for a variety of roles. Read on further as we have listed the types below:

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Once you are happy with your choices, our team will set about constructing your tender inside of our on-site workshop. Every luxury yacht tender is fabricated using premium materials, and we implement rigorous quality control procedures throughout the project. By paying careful attention to each and every aspect, we guarantee a flawless finish for all luxury yacht tenders that will be sure to meet your standards.

Upon completion of your luxury yacht tender, simply arrange a time to collect it or, have our team deliver the product to a location of your choice. If you would like additional information or have any concerns, speak to one of our advisors, who will be happy to put your mind at ease.

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What are the advantages of a luxury tender?

If you’re looking for reasons to invest in luxury yacht tenders, take a look below. We have listed the top five benefits of choosing to have a tender constructed that will hopefully make your decision that little bit easier.

Small and compact

The best thing about our luxury tenders is that they are both small and compact. This means they can be equipped to mid-sized yachts without taking up any deck or cabin space. Plus, our luxury yacht tenders are small enough to enable you to get in close to the shoreline or navigate through crowded waters where a larger yacht may not fit.


As well as offering unrivalled performance, our luxury yacht tenders also boast a level of versatility and durability not found in larger vessels. These amazing little boats can be adapted for a whole range of purposes including ferrying passengers and supplies and participating in water sports. Plus, they can be operated in all waters from calm canals and rivers to rough seas.

Enough power to guarantee performance

Despite being small, a luxury yacht tender constructed by Compass Tenders will not sacrifice on performance. These boats can provide incredible bursts of speed, and operate for extended periods between refuelling stops. Whatever role you require your luxury tender to assume, you can be certain that it will be more than up to the task.

Speed and manoeuvrability

When compared with a much larger vessel, a luxury yacht tender provides superior speed and manoeuvrability that makes it the preferred choice for all recreational activities. Despite its size, tenders can be outfitted with powerful engines, and their design and durability allow the boat to change direction quickly without compromising the hull or capsizing.

Range of sizes

As mentioned above, luxury yacht tenders are renowned for being small and compact. In fact, we tailor the size of each tender to the yacht which will end up carrying it. Whether you desire a basic option with a simple steering column or a larger craft with cabins and wheelhouse, we can help. From mid-sized vessels to large 155ft superyachts, our team will design a tender that is just right.

Why choose Compass Tenders for luxury yacht tenders?

Over the years, we have worked alongside many customers including designers, captains and build managers. Together we have completed multiple projects, each one boasting unrivalled quality and truly innovative designs. Our customers choose Compass Tenders for our personalised service that will cater to their every requirement, and as repeat winners of the ‘ShowBoats Design’ award, it is easy to see why.

Founded in 2004, Compass Tenders have amassed an outstanding reputation that has earned us the admiration of our clients and competitors. Our CEO, Richard Faulkner, has more than 30 years’ of experience building and repairing yachts, and it’s his passion and knowledge that forms the cornerstone of our luxury yacht tenders business.

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