Limousine Yacht Tenders

Limousine Yacht Tenders

Are you the proud owner of your very own superyacht? Are you looking for a means to get to and from the shoreline quickly and safely? Limousine yacht tenders will see you to dry land in style while protecting the mothership. Here at Compass Tenders, we design and build tenders to the exacting requirements of our clientele. To find out more, call us today on +44 (0) 2380 457844.


Owning a superyacht is seen by many as the ultimate status symbol that signifies affluence as well as personal and professional success. It takes a great deal of investment to afford one of these impressive vessels, so naturally, you’re going to want to protect it. One way to go about this is by investing in one of our limousine yacht tenders.

Superyachts are large vessels and can be difficult if not impossible to pilot through shallow waters without damaging the hull. Likewise, some smaller harbours lack the space to accommodate ships of this size. A tender built by our yacht tender manufacturers provides a go-between, ferrying passengers to and from dry land without risking the mothership itself.

But not only that, it also saves time and fuel too as tenders are usually quicker, nimbler and far more fuel-efficient. All-in-all, limousine yacht tenders are an excellent means of boarding and disembarking any superyacht.


If you’re in the market for a new tender, call Compass Tenders now on +44 (0) 2380 457844 and discuss limousine yacht tenders with our specialists.


At Compass Tenders, we construct limousine tenders in a wide range of sizes with options to fit any sized superyacht. An initial consultation takes place during which time we take into consideration the client’s ideas. Using 3D design software, we use this information to create designs which are then rendered as photo-realistic visuals. These are sent for client approval.

Once a design has been approved, our design team will work closely with the builders ensuring that construction is completed on time and in line with all design specifications. Once all limousine yacht tenders are built, we arrange to have them transported to the client in a controlled manner that minimises any chance of damage occurring.


The Latitude range of bespoke superyacht tenders combines all the best elements of our previous projects into one vessel. Each one comes as a blank slate ready to be customised as well as reduced build time. These semi-custom tenders combine a cutting-edge engineering setup, state-of-the-art technologies and a proven hull design into one neat little package.

As well as a custom option, clients can also choose from one of four coachroof styles for their Latitude limousine yacht tenders:

  • North – full-length coachroof, traditional, classic.
  • East – curved profile, full-length coachroof, maximised interior space.
  • South – copies the ‘East’ profile but with the addition of an open-plan saloon to the aft deck.
  • West – profile that is curved and shortened, addition of forward facing, exterior aft guest seats.

The interior can be designed in line with your exact specifications. With the Latitude tender, you’re assured of reliability, sophistication and style. In fact, these tenders come with a two-year warranty.


Founded by CEO, Richard Faulkner, Compass Tenders is a company that follows his vision of providing clients with beautifully designed bespoke superyacht tenders. Richard has been building and repairing yachts and tenders out of workshops on the River Hamble for more than three decades. This is a man whose experience is without question.

Award winning Super yacht Tenders

Formed in 2004, Richard and his team have collaborated with some of the best and brightest that the industry has to offer. From build managers to world-renowned designers, we’ve provided our technical expertise to all manner of projects. We even welcome the opportunity to collaborate with upcoming stylists and designers as well as professionals who’ve already been enlisted by our clients.

Our award-winning designs are a testament to our abilities. No other company can offer a level of build quality, finish or design that can match what we offer. Knowing that we work to such high standards is why we’re considered the go-to yacht tender manufacturers by many.