Sports RIBs

Sports RIBs

Are you a lover of water sports? Would you like to equip your superyacht with the means to let you enjoy these sports, whenever you like? Then Compass Tenders can build for you a vessel that’ll tick all the right boxes. Our sports RIBs are a compact, fast, and reliable option that can be conveniently docked with any superyacht. Built to your specifications, a RIB will let you partake in all manner of water-based activities anytime, anywhere. To find out more, call us now on +44(0) 23 8045 7844.


Owning a superyacht is certainly a fantastic achievement that only a small minority ever manage to accomplish. Yet, superyachts do have their drawbacks. For instance, they aren’t known for their speed or manoeuvrability and aren’t exactly suited for water sports activities. This is where sports RIBs come into their element. RIBs also happen to be one of the most popular ranges that we sell here at Compass Tenders.

A Rigid Inflatable Boat or RIB for short is a lightweight, high-performance vessel that is renowned for being stable, light, fast, and unsinkable. The unique design of these crafts ensures that they remain buoyant, even if the craft begins taking on water. Because of their reliability, versatility, and durability, RIBs are often used by the military and law enforcement. Private RIBs have also grown rapidly in popularity over the years.


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At Compass Tenders, we offer variants in our range of sports boats – a 7.5 and 8m option. Both are fully customisable, so we can build yours exactly the way you want it.

TT Titan

The TT Titan is the name of our 7.5m RIB option. It was originally designed for a 78m Abeking & Rasmussen motor yacht called Titan. Designed in collaboration with Allseas Design Ltd, the TT Titan is a multi-role craft designed for transporting crewmembers, supplies, and as a water sports platform. It offers exceptional comfort and is engineered for garage stowage and launching with beam cranes.

These sports RIBs sport interiors that are individually designed to complement the mothership. They also come with an array of features, including:

  • Towing/ Ski Bollard
  • Large Bathing Platform
  • Integral Fold-Down Ladder
  • High-Quality Stereo System
  • Optional Cool Box
  • Instrument Packages (tailored to the client’s specification)

TT Blind Date

Originally designed and built for the Neptune Award-winning 47m Heesen motor yacht, Blind Date, the TT Blind Date is the larger of our two private RIBs. This 8m RIB comes with all the same features as well as a custom stainless steel side-mounted swim ladder and over tube boarding steps with removable lollipop handrail. A freshwater shower is also included.

These sports RIBs also come with an optional 1.6m removable bow section. This section is designed to enable stowage in a confined area. In addition, a reinforced keel to facilitate drag/ ramp stowage into the mothership’s aft lazarette was also featured in the original. Customers who require a three-point lift option are in luck, as this is also a feature that we offer.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll consult with you and discuss all the customisable options that are available to you. A timeframe for completion, schedule of works, and total cost will be determined, and you’ll be presented with a no-obligation quote for your new craft. When it comes to sports RIBs, we’re confident that you’ll agree that we’re the most competitively priced option around.

To find out more, give Compass Tenders a call today on +44(0) 23 8045 7844.



For more than 30 years, Richard Faulkner has been building and repairing yachts at his workshops on the River Hamble. So it was no surprise when in 2004, he decided to established Compass Tenders. With a team that shares in Richard’s passion and a knowledge base that’s unrivalled, Compass Tenders has quickly grown in popularity and reputation.

As a company, we’ve worked for some of the most iconic superyacht manufacturers in the world as well as private individuals. We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with international stylists and designers to create custom tenders and sports boats that are truly unique. Our work has even won us awards, which should convince you further that we’re the right team for the job.

If you’re searching for outstanding levels of design, build-quality, and finishes that exceed expectations, look no further than Compass Tenders