Yacht Tender Design

Yacht Tender Design

Are you fortunate enough to be an owner of a luxury yacht or boat? Would you like to also own a well designed tender that transports people from the shore to your yacht and back again? If you are thinking about purchasing a tender, make sure you choose Compass Tenders to complete your yacht tender design and creation. We are the leading organisation for bespoke and high-quality yacht tenders.


A tender boat is the ideal way to transport you and your guests from the mainland to a yacht that can’t be docked in the Marine. These boats can be used to transport goods, food, entertainment, and supplies to operate your yacht, such as petrol. Tenders have many uses and have become essential and beneficial to boat and yacht owners in recent years.


Whether you currently own a tender and would like an upgrade, or you are interested in purchasing a brand new vessel, choose Compass Tenders to do the work. At Compass Tenders, we provide you with an attractive yacht tender design that is created to your specific requirements. We use the most advanced 3D technology to create the design for your yacht tender, and this equipment allows us to develop every inch of your new tender to your wishes.


When you want a yacht tender design and construction product, look no further than Compass Tenders to complete the work. Speak to a member of our team today on 02380 457844, and we will get to creating your perfect marine machine.


One of our most popular tender crafts is the limousine yacht tender, which are available in a range of different sizes. Our limousine yacht tender designs are the epitome of class and sophistication. They will perfectly compliment the high-quality standard of your existing boat, and will impress all of your guests. Our team can include elite features in the design of your tender, which will make the creation even more impressive.

Some of the items that we can add to your limousine yacht tender design include the following:

  • Refrigeration and freezer systems for food and drink storage
  • Bathroom facilities
  • On-board security cameras
  • Space to sunbath
  • Entertainment systems
  • Chart plotters
  • Navigational instruments



Compass Tenders has been a well established and highly regarded yacht tender design company since our launch over ten years’ ago. Our company is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Winner of the Show Boats Design Award a record-breaking two times. Our design and fabrication team is made up of the best specialists in the world, so we know that every product we create will be perfect.

By hiring Compass Tenders to complete your yacht tender design and fabrication process, you will experience the services of the most reputable company in the boating business. Our list of super-yacht clients is a testament to how well respected we are in the private and charter luxury yacht industry. Some of the clients who have hired our team to create their yacht tender designs have been:

  • Luna
  • Coral Island
  • Ocean Victory
  • Lady Lara
  • Titan
  • Eclipse
  • 3711
  • Hampshire II

Our tender design and manufacturing package at Compass Tenders is also ideal for those who want a boat, but can’t afford the price of a luxury yacht. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being able to traverse the sea, but at a fraction of the price.

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