Custom Luxury Yacht Tenders

Custom Luxury Yacht Tenders

In the world of superyachts and luxury yachts that function as extravagant floating hotels, you need something to get you to and from the vessel in style and comfort. If you have been looking for custom luxury yacht tenders, then Compass Tenders is definitely who you need to speak to. Call one of our friendly team today on +44 (0) 2380 457 844 and let us know your requirements.


When it comes to a complete image, having a superyacht that is glamorous and beautiful but is accompanied by a factory standard tender that doesn’t reflect the quality and grandeur of the main vessel is a waste. Our superyacht tenders and custom luxury yacht tenders can take care of that for you.

Our custom luxury yacht tenders come in five categories, which are:

Whether you are looking for superyacht tenders that are the pinnacle of comfort and style or something fast and furious to get you from A to B as quickly as possible, we have the custom luxury yacht tenders for you.

If you are ready to start your journey towards the perfect custom luxury yacht tenders, call Compass Tenders today on +44 (0) 2380 457 844. Our team will listen intently to ascertain your requirements and arrange a design meeting with you, so that we can get your specific requirements recorded and integrated into the design. Alternatively, you can send your enquiries and requests to us via email at


The thought of complementing a superyacht that is the epitome of contemporary luxury with a vessel which is inflatable seems counterintuitive. On the contrary, our custom luxury yacht tenders that employ an inflatable element are anything but distasteful.

As with any hard body tenders, their designs can be elegant and definitive of grandeur. One advantage that rigid inflatable boats have over their hard bodied counterparts is that their lighter weight allows for more responsive handling. This makes them the type of custom luxury yacht tenders that anyone who wants a combination of comfort and hair-raising performance should choose.

These superyacht tenders are ideal for someone looking to get from point to point with their guests in style and with all haste. Our designers can include surprisingly intuitive storage solutions, and other features which make them ideal for exploration and having fun.

Interchangeable handrails allow for ease of boarding and also for swimming access – there are so many options available that you can achieve the perfect combination of form and function. Do you enjoy water skiing? This type of superyacht tender is perfect for you with optional skiing/towing bollards; you can enjoy the water inside and outside the vessel.

If you would like a tender that is larger than the storage space aboard your vessel, these variations of custom luxury yacht tenders can use removable bow sections that allow for storage in a confined space. Even if you have enough room, you can always use the additional space in your lazaretto for other items.


If you are looking to take your guests from the land to your yacht in style, this has to be the best option for you. The fully customised designs are moulded to fit your requirements, based on the style you wish to go with and the number of guests you would like to accommodate at one time.

These custom luxury yacht tenders will definitely help reflect the nature of the mothership. We can incorporate the styling and general shape of the main vessel, so that they look as if they were manufactured as a pair.

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world for certain elements of these superyacht tenders. We have had collaborations with Rolls-Royce, for example, on joysticks and throttle controls, because they appreciate the need for outstanding and affluent designs and results. We also use the finest engines and motors for the vessels, such as the Volvo D6 435pm which was used on a splendid 14m example of our custom superyacht tenders.


Sometimes it’s not all about glitz, glamour and making a statement. A great many of our clients have opted for custom luxury yacht tenders which embody simplicity and yet have phenomenal performance characteristics.

These custom superyacht tenders will be perfect for anyone who likes a highly adaptable craft that is usable for a range of activities, and not just comfortable transport. If you enjoy diving, for example, then our designers will work with you to give you the shape and functionality that will enable your underwater excursions to go apace.

It can be that while you are out in your custom superyacht tenders, you stumble across a beautiful cove or beach that doesn’t have a jetty or place to dock your vessel. This will mean you would have to anchor off-shore and swim. Alternatively, our work-oriented custom luxury yacht tenders are ideal beach vessels. You can approach the shore and use the built-in ramp to disembark without stepping foot in the water.


If you are looking for a truly bespoke experience, our open tenders offer an almost surreal range of customisation. Do you want to achieve the highest flat-out speed possible in complete comfort? Our sports oriented open tenders will certainly give you that.

There is something truly captivating about engaging with the open sea in our sports superyacht tenders which we are confident you will be entranced by very quickly. Using the latest AV displays and navigational systems, you can create a look of supreme modernity, or contrast them with retro gauges for a timeless and unique style.

If you are looking for something simple, yet stylish, the chase and utility tenders are definitely a flexible option to give your personal touch to. You can rely on our team to present a multitude of ingenious ideas to give you truly custom luxury yacht tenders.


Compass Tenders has been established for over 14 years and is the culmination of our CEO’s love and passion for the sea combined with a fascination with boats and creating floating works of art. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry from building and repairing yachts and tenders at his workshops on the River Hamble, and has guided the team towards perfection ever since 2004 when he started Compass Tenders.


If you are looking for the luxury of custom superyacht tenders, but would like your boat faster than the usual time it takes to produce fully bespoke superyacht tenders. We use the best features from the finest custom luxury yacht tenders, and give you the ability to sculpt a final product which uses a predefined range of parts.

One element that has a few options is the coach roof. We offer four distinct styles, which are:

  • North – a traditional and classic water taxi style, with full length coach roof.
  • East – a more curved profile and full length coach roof to maximise interior space
  • South – has the ‘East’ profile with an open plan saloon to aft deck.
  • West – has the curved profile and is shortened to provide forward facing, exterior aft guest seats

We offer our clients a level of design, workmanship, and customisation that never ceases to amaze them when the final result is unveiled. Our customer service etiquette and standards give our clients the confidence to work with us in order to achieve the very best results. Our team’s ability to seamlessly integrate the best marine technology into completely bespoke builds is unparalleled.

As a company, we have been voted the winner of the Show Boats Design Award on two separate occasions, and as a team, we constantly strive to be the best. The reputation we have built over the years, our rapport with our clients, and respect throughout the marine industry have led to us being recognised as one of the leading builders of custom luxury yacht tenders in the world.