Superyacht Open Tender

Superyacht Open Tender

Are you looking for a custom yacht tender? If so, make Compass Tenders your first port of call. With many years of experience under our belt, we possess the skills and expertise to construct a superyacht open tender that is well-suited to your particular needs. Whatever your budget, you won’t find better value for money anywhere else. Call us on +44 (0) 2380 457844 to find out more.


Superyachts are seen by many to be a sign of affluence as well as prestige. Costing hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds, they represent a considerable investment, with not just the initial cost but the ongoing expenses to consider too. As such, protecting such an asset is of paramount importance – protect your yacht today with a superyacht open tender.

While superyachts have much to offer, their size and lack of manoeuvrability restricts their usage to open waters. Yacht limousines allow for people, luggage and supplies to be easily ferried back and forth without risking the yacht in shallower waters. We work with our client’s ideas to create detailed design drawings of all superyacht open tenders. These are then presented as photo-realistic visuals using 3D software for the client’s approval.

Our superyacht open tender team works closely with other leading design teams as well as our builders to ensure that every custom yacht tender is built to exacting specifications. When you choose Compass Tenders, you’ll have the choice of some incredible open tenders including:


So, if you’re looking for an expert opinion for your superyacht open tender project, call Compass Tenders today on +44 (0) 2380 457844.


Superyacht open tenders are great for those looking to partake in high-octane, adrenaline fuelled water sports. This particular sports tender, designed for the Madame GU superyacht, won the second Showboats award for best tender design 2014. Featuring 2x MD-VGT32’s MarineDiesel engines, driving 2x Rolls Royce Kamewa FF270 jets, Rolls Royce joystick and throttle controls, it’s clear to see why.

This client-specified propulsion system ranks this tender among one of the fastest yacht limousines around. On top of that, the design team at Allseas worked with us to create a superyacht open tender that incorporates some truly incredible features and luxuries such as:

  • Latest navigational systems featuring retro dials
  • Leather seats in the guest area
  • Custom glass and polished stainless steel table
  • James speaker sound system
  • Champagne fridge and drinks cabinet
  • Seating for 9 guests and 2 crew
  • Detachable sunshade


One of our smaller superyacht open tenders, this 5m tender was designed for the Pink Gin to provide a viable means of transiting between the ship and the shoreline. Part of our owners launch range, this yacht tender was required to fit into an existing deck well and to be adapted for launch from a spinnaker pole/ boom arrangement.

As part of this particular project, we designed this superyacht open tender to reflect the design of the mothership which would carry it. Plus, thanks to the addition of the Evinrude V-Tec 90hp engine featuring an internal fuel tank, this tender was able to achieve high performance while saving weight. To finish it off, cockpit lockers, a coolbox, custom fender stowage racks, a removable lollipop handrail and integral steps were included.


Compass Tenders was the brainchild of Richard Faulkner – a man with more than 30 years’ experience in yacht and tender repairs and construction. Established in 2004, Compass Tenders was formed to provide bespoke superyacht open tenders to luxury superyacht owners. Over the years, our team has worked alongside some of the best minds in the industry.


From captains and build managers to world-renowned designers, we work hard to bring together the talents of many to supply you with the finest superyacht open tender. Our vast expertise and technical resources have seen us deliver on over 30 bespoke tender projects. We are chosen by clients seeking an unparalleled build quality and finish.


Furthermore, we always strive to fulfil all client requests to the highest standards and provide exceptional customer service from start-to-finish. We are even happy to collaborate with stylists and designers from all over the world. Whatever you desire, we will aim to make it happen, so you receive a custom yacht tender that is right for you.