Superyacht Chase Tender

Superyacht Chase Tender

Being able to not only experience a boat, but own it for yourself, is one of the most luxurious feelings ever. To take things a step further, people who purchase boats often don’t realise that if they wanted to, they could design a boat for themselves and have it built. This takes things to a whole new level of luxury, although it’s more of a possibility than many people realise. Here are Compass Tenders, we can help you to do just that.

If you’re looking for a company who can not only deal with your tender design needs, but can get it built too, then contact us today and make one of the best decisions of your life.


When we take you on as a customer, your needs will be our priority. From the get go, our design process will prioritize your superyacht chase tender needs.

Our first step is to talk to you. Our goal here is to learn exactly what you’re looking for, find out about some of the ideas that you have, and discuss any ideas that we may have for your project.

Once we’ve discussed your project with you in as much detail as possible, we will get to work on the project using our 3D software. With this software, we are able to create a virtual and identical version of what your tender will look like after it has been created.

When we’re happy with the virtual copy that our design team have created, we will create several different renders and will meet with you again to discuss how to further approach the project. If you’re happy with how it has turned out so far, fantastic! If you’re looking for a little more, we will continue working on it until you are satisfied.


If our services have interested you in any way whatsoever, get in touch with us today and we’ll get your superyacht chase tender design (or repair) journey started. Either call us up on +442380 457844, or send us an email at With over 30-years of experience and one of the most highly rated services out there, you simply can’t go wrong.


After our design team have come up with the perfect design for you, and one which you are happy with, they will work closely alongside our talented team of builders from the very beginning of the build. This ensures not only that the project turns out perfectly, but that it goes far beyond your expectations.

With our design team and our builders working side by side on your project, the superyacht which you once thought was a dream, will soon become a reality. Take the leap today by contacting us and making that dream a reality.


When we originally founded, our sole purpose was to provide specially designed tenders to superyacht owners who were in need. Since we established back in 2004, we have continued to provide such a service and have expanded the services which we have to offer.

Boats in general are expensive to not only purchase, but maintain too. For that reason alone that is why you should choose us for all of your superyacht chase tender needs.