Luxury Yacht Tender

Luxury Yacht Tender

Are you currently searching for a luxury yacht tender for boating back and forth from your ship? Then look no further than Compass Tenders, a top UK based provider of beautiful bespoke yacht tenders and a two time winner of the ShowBoats Design Award. Give us a call today on 0238 0457 844 to discuss your requirements and design ideas.


Here at Compass Tenders, we have worked alongside a number of designers, managers and captains all of whom are world renowned for their knowledge and diligence. All of these industry professionals have realised that what we do is something truly special which is why they have directed their enquiries to us rather than our competitors.

At Compass Tenders, we are probably best known for our Latitude range of limousine tenders. This is a semi custom range that can be customised to an extent but not fully which enables us to significantly decrease the construction time. We currently have 35 bespoke tenders in operation and the finest elements of all of them have been incorporated when designing the Latitude.

The name was chosen because they have been specifically designed to give the client a certain amount of latitude to make a decision based on their specific tastes and requirements. Compass Tenders can offer our own interiors if required.

The performance prowess that the Latitude luxury yacht tender offers is unparalleled. Its innovative hull form allows it to cut through the waves very fast without sacrificing the operational smoothness. We believe our design team has succeeded in creating the ultimate solution in the Latitude that will offer maximum reliability due to its incorporation of the latest in marine technology and its construction from the highest quality source materials available. For your peace of mind, the entire range also comes with a 2 year warranty.


If you’d like to contact Compass Tenders, there are several ways to do so. To speak to a member of our customer service team, please call 0238 0457 844. You can send your luxury yacht tender enquiry via e-mail to or simply fill out the form on our website and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Compass Tenders is proud to count all of the following well-known brands and businesses among our clients:

  • Eclipse
  • Oberon
  • Pink Gin
  • Tango
  • Hampshire II
  • Flying Fox
  • 6711
  • Ocean Victory
  • Infinity
  • Lady Lara


If you decide to pick Compass Tenders to construct your luxury yacht tender, a fantastic bespoke design and a high-quality build will be guaranteed. On top of our established technical skills, we are also known for our great customer service and aftersales support. Regardless of how complex or specific your idea is, don’t hesitate to bring it to Compass Tenders – we love a challenge and have completed numerous intricate projects in the past.

Your luxury yacht tender by Compass Tenders will be durable and long lasting on top of being stylish and eye-catching. We would encourage you to visit our website to see more of our range, previous projects and familiarise yourself with everything we can offer.


On top of our well known luxury yacht tender range, Compass Tenders has experience with all of the following vessels:

Compass Tenders was founded in 2004 by Richard Faulkner who is still the company’s CEO. Richard has more than 30 years of experience with every aspect of creating a luxury yacht tender including the design, construction, repair and maintenance. Richard has a lifelong fascination and passion for the sea and boats – Compass Tenders was created as an expression of this and a way to share his expert knowledge with fellow enthusiasts all over the world.