The in-house design team at Compass Tenders has considerable experience in the design of custom and production tenders, as well as a deep understanding of the build process and ultimate usage requirements.

The team is lead by Ed Wingate, who joined Compass Tenders to head up the design studio in 2014. Ed studied naval architecture at Southampton University and this background, along with his innovative exterior designs, has been integral to the success of many of Compass’ projects.

Ed oversees the drawing process and the development of a client’s initial ideas into 3D CAD models. These bespoke designs are then rendered into photo realistic visuals for meetings and client approval. Working closely with the builders at every stage, Ed ensures that all details and procedures are correctly executed.

The team’s complimentary skill-set and professional experience result in innovative solutions and attention to detail whilst pushing the boundaries of design.

Their blend of unique talents includes artistic renderers, glazing experts, specialists concentrating on the moving parts and team members who specifically focus on aspects such as the custom metal work or the electronics.

Compass Tenders have a longstanding collaboration with AllSeas Design, an independent marine design company formed by Jim Wilshire and Patrick Banfield, who created many of the hull designs for the earlier Compass tenders. This collaboration continues today, developing those hull forms and the naval architecture of our designs, to achieve the greatest performance, efficiency and motion in a variety of sea states.

The design team at Compass Tenders has also collaborated very successfully with many other leading design offices, to create custom tenders that pair perfectly with their superyacht mothership or meet specific owner needs.


Welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with stylists and designers whom our clients may already use for their marine projects.

Compass Tenders Design Team