Superyacht Sports Tenders in Bournemouth

Superyacht Sports Tenders in Bournemouth

Are you the proud owner of a large, luxury yacht? Are you looking for a practical means to get to and from the shore as well as engage in fun, exciting, water-based activities? Then you’ll want to consider superyacht sports tenders. In Bournemouth, the company to call for bespoke, quality tenders is Compass Tenders. Our design team will create a boat tailored to your specific requirements. To arrange a discussion, call us on 02380 457844.


Superyachts, while certainly more manoeuvrable than other larger vessels, aren’t exactly renowned for being agile. This means you might encounter situations where you cannot bring the yacht in close enough to the shore, and so require a separate vessel to go ashore. Conversely, such vessels aren’t equipped for high-octane sporting activities – at Compass Tenders; we build superyacht sports tenders in Bournemouth for just such occasions.

Our skilled team will work with you to bring your dream to life, creating a design that’s eye-catching, functional, and complements the mothership perfectly. Thanks to our experienced team of naval architects, no request is too much for us to handle. We’ve supplied customers in Bournemouth superyacht sports tenders for many years now; you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a tightly honed service anywhere else.


Invest in one of our luxury superyacht sports tenders in Bournemouth today. Call Compass Tenders on 02380 457844, email us at or fill out our online contact form to get started.


The first step is to call Compass Tenders to arrange a convenient time to sit with one of our designers to begin the planning process. You’ll receive honest and impartial advice, and our designer will talk you through the various customisable options and our entire design and build process. You’ll then receive a no-nonsense quote that provides a breakdown of costs with no obligation on your part to commit. We’re confident you’ll find our superyacht sports tenders, Bournemouth customers, to be priced fairly.

You’ll be able to choose from all the mod-cons you could possibly imagine; we build superyacht sports tenders in Bournemouth the client’s way. Once built, it’ll be shipped to any location you choose quickly and securely, ensuring no damage while in transit. To get a feel for what we can accomplish, we recommend checking out an example of a Sport Tender (11m) and a Sport Tender (10.8m), both designed and built by us.


As well as supplying Bournemouth superyacht sports tenders, we also design and build other, smaller vessels, including:

If you would like to find out more about these or our superyacht sports tenders in Bournemouth, call Compass Tenders today.


Compass Tenders is a company trusted by many to build high-quality, bespoke tenders with more than three decades’ experience backing us. Whether you need something to help with the back and forth, unloading and offloading the mothership, or something more sports-oriented, we can help. The superyacht sports tenders in Bournemouth built by us embody the vision of each of our loyal customers.

We’re proud to work side-by-side with Allseas whose extensive experience makes even the most challenging projects easy for us to overcome. Over the years, they’ve worked with many high-profile clients and designed over 200 boats, including superyacht sports tenders. Bournemouth customers can, therefore, be assured that they have chosen a winning team to supply their tenders.

Our solid commitment and unwavering passion have netted us awards too, including winners of the ShowBoats Design Awards in 2012 and 2014. As a company, we continue to go from strength to strength, investing in our services so as to provide our clients with the finest tenders around.