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Are you looking for sleek, stylish and fast Solent superyacht tenders? Compass Tenders are the south’s number one designer and manufacturer of superyacht tenders with an enviable reputation for combining our first-rate service with impeccable design and skilful construction. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or love the look of one of our amazing templates, we are absolutely certain you will be ecstatic with the appearance, mechanics and electronics of any of the superyacht tenders that we produce.

Why do you need one of our Solent superyacht tenders?

If you’ve just purchased a superyacht, the next step is to invest in equally sleek and stylish superyacht tenders to provide easy access to your mooring location. We design and build our superyacht tenders to comfortably hold all the people, equipment and baggage going onboard.

In recognition of our dedication to designing and building the best Solent superyacht tenders, we have been named the Winner of the Show Boats Design Award on two occasions, making us one of the best companies in the world.

If we’ve peaked your interest, read on to find out more about the Solent superyacht tenders that we can expertly produce.

What are the different Solent superyacht tenders available to me?

We are the experts, and no matter the design, we promise each of our Solent superyacht tenders is built for ultimate comfort, style and ride. Whether you’re looking for open or enclosed superyacht tenders, we have the perfect choice for you.

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Limousine Tenders

These Solent superyacht tenders are available for you in a range of lengths to suit your needs including. Each example of our limousine tenders has external helms and luxurious cabins lined with the most lavish of materials and mod cons. Everything is top of the range, from smooth, quiet Rolls-Royce engines to state-of-the-art navigational systems, no stone is left unturned.  We will finish our Solent superyacht tenders with colours of your choice using only the best materials.

Sports Tenders

Our sports tenders are built with speed in mind and are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the wildest thrill seekers. With its aerodynamic design, these Solent superyacht tenders are built to slice through the water like an arrow.  We never compromise on luxury. You can still sit back in the same gorgeous leather seats and benefit from top of the range navigational equipment.

Superyacht tenders

Landing craft

Classed as an open tender, these Solent superyacht tenders are often described at the sea-worthy alter ego of the sleekest range rover. With its lightweight, folding and removable Femstrutture crane, our landing crafts are perfect for anyone who plans to transfer large objects over to the mothership including supplies and jet skis.  The mechanical back end collapses into a flat surface from which objects can be easily taken off.  Your comfort is never compromised – and with onboard showers, fridges and shade spaces, there really is nothing that our designers haven’t thought about.

Owners launch

Compact, but no compromise on quality, these little Solent Superyacht tenders are perfect for transporting yourself and your companions.  You can choose how many seats that you have on board and how much space you would like to dedicate to sunbathing. Perfect for storing inside the mothership, these perfectly formed owners launch tenders are fitted with luxurious leather, and top of the range engines and electronics.

Why should you choose Compass Tenders for your Solent superyacht tenders?

Whether you’re after a limousine with the most dream-worthy internal and external space you could ever imagine, or need an open tender which is designed solely around your needs, our designers are ready and waiting to listen to your ideas.

We make sure you’re involved in every stage of the building process, using the most up-to-date 3D technology to display our design ideas to you. With so many interior designs, layouts, additional extras and luxurious options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. We’ll make sure we have the perfect representation of your dream superyacht tender before we even begin to think about building and will only start construction once every little niggly detail is confirmed with you.

At Compass Tenders, we’re all about you, which is why our in-house design team are always happy to collaborate with your chosen team- perhaps you would like your superyacht tenders to echo the design of the mothership.

With clients that include Pink Gin, Luna, Eclipse, Tango and Infinity, we really are the first port of call for any company looking to invest in Solent superyacht tenders that will never fail to impress at every level.

To finish, we don’t just design incredible Solent superyacht tenders. We also apply the same unparalleled skill set and eye for luxury to our:

Award winning Super yacht Tenders

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