Latitiude North

Latitude North

The Latitude North Limousine tender adds a modern twist to the style of the traditional and iconic Venetian water taxi. With the benefit of both forward and aft access, through electronically operated glazed doors, the 10m version has a spacious and airy cabin that can seat up to 12 guests.

A light ambience is created by the generous glazed roof which, when retracted, gives guests an open view of the sky, also enabling easier cabin access. There is ample aft deck seating and further benefits including, air conditioning, a fridge and an integrated sound system.


LOA 9.50m – 11.00m
Beam Max 3.00m
Max Stowed Height 2.10m (Nominally)
Displacement for 10m Version: 5,250kg  (estimate lightship)
Max Predicted Speed: 36 knots